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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last Post - Go to the New Blog


This is the last post in Kate Tapley Horse Treks NEWS, the blog we have used occasionally for Years!

New Blogging plans afoot We now have Build a Bond Beyond Belief - yes that is the name of the new blog. We have invited Pamela Reid to be involved, and I am sure we will see some great stories emerge in the months to come.

Build a Bond Beyond Belief

This is the URL: http://www.katetapley.co.nz/

As you can see it replaces, or rather combines with the old website.

For those who are interested in these things, I shifted platform while about it. This blog is a Google Blogger Blog. The new one is WordPress. The main reason for the shift is that since I started this one I maintain four other WordPress blogs, and so I want the familiarity of the system. Also I like that it is an Open Source platform.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Spring Newsletter!

Yes it has been sent out, soon there will be a summer one, that is how late I am putting it on the website, but subscribers have had it for ages.

Spring 2008 Newsletter

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Autumn Newsletter

The newsletter is up on the site:

Autumn Newsletter

About to post it out to all the subscribers!

Here is the photo of Blythe, read her story in the Newsletter

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Match

I am always amazed at how it seems that every time we match a horse with a rider the horse teaches the rider exactly what they need to learn. I had two riders recently joining me at Mt Lyford for four days, and one rider rode our big St James horse, Rusty. Rusty is a sensitive, youngster who is reassured by confidence inspiring leadership, not strong leadership like his buddie Sam, but sensitive strength. There is a big difference. As it happened Rusty taught his rider to be a confidence inspiring leader for him. Well I heard it over and over. “He is just like my horse back in the States, and now I know what to do for them both.” How could we know that!!
Please write in any of your stories to me and I can add them to the newsletter and the websites. Everyone has a story to tell around horses.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Swimming with Horses

Another photo.

Swimming the Horses

Each end of year we have a Work for Rider's end of year ride with an afternoon tea to finish. This year we had a lovely hot day, and Abi lead us up to the pond on one of our trails. We get up there and I see Abi instructing all the riders to take off their shoes and socks, saddles, and I am thinking this will be fun to watch! And it was. All the horses went into the pond and I saw Abi and Bash all but disappear into the deep water like real swimmers. Horses interestingly look almost like crocodiles when they swim with just their nostrils, eyes and ears on the surface of the water. They are strong swimmers and use their hooves to propel them through the water using a dog paddle action. As long as they dont panic horses can swim a long distance. In France in the Carmague they actually swim the horses in a herd across the waterways to get them in.
Looks like fun huh!!

Kate Tapley

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Letter from Heather

Here is a letter from Heather one of a group of riders who came over from Australia recently.


Here is a snippet.

This was the day of our ‘big trek’. After grooming, saddling, and ground work we mounted and rode up the hill to Crystal Lake. We rode over alpine meadows, through pine forests and took in the fantastic views which were quite magical with the fresh snow. We had lunch at Crystal Lake, enjoyed chatting about ‘life’ in general and had some good ‘girl’ talk. We then had to walk the horses down the rough road for a short while, gave them a drink at the creek and then started our journey home.

This was a great day – we were just getting into the swing of it! After unsaddling,
grooming, feeding we gathered for another cuppa and another heart to heart talk
about what feelings can be brought up from the connection with horses.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My name is Fire

Hello Everyone

I am a small horse called Fire. I lived most of my life near Kaikoura in a lovely herd of horses being a horse. One day I got picked up and taken to Otahuna Horse Riding. Well I hadn't really cared much for humans till this point, and everyone seemed to want me to take them seriously at Otahuna. Well I began to learn things. I went to the chiropractor, Fred Fletcher, and he ironed out a couple of sore spots for me. Oooh that felt better. I went to a four day clinic with a cowboy called Ken Faulkner and he was teaching away and all the humans were listening then boy did all of us horses have to listen next!!

Me and Kate at the Ken Faulkner Clinic

I didnt think too much of it all at the time, but you know what I have got stronger, fitter, smarter, braver, and I have actually got to enjoy the humans a lot more. I can see what they have been getting at all this time , learning, mentally, emotionally and physically for us horses. I think I am teaching them all a thing or two as well.

Here I am in the Saddle Club

It is learning for all of us. I have been doing some amazing rides too. I have been Over the Top to the Lyttelton Harbour and stayed in that paddock by the sea that Gemini mentioned. Wow the views!! I actually over heard Kate, Babs and Abi saying, "That wee Fire has really come through and he is just a great wee horse in saddle club and on the trails" They dont think we understand their chat, but you never want to underestimate the intelligence of us horses!!!

See you soon.

What lucky human will ride me next?


Summer 2007/8 Newsletter and New Audio!

The newsletter has gone out and there is a copy online here too!

KTHT Summer Newsletter

We have had a web fest today, here is a 5 minute mp3 about the Over the Top Ride

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My trip to Otahuna-Gemini

Here she comes with the horse float and by the look of things I am going somewhere. Cool! Although I am going to miss you Cosmo!!! My best friend.

You know I used to hate the horse float and one day Cathy and Kate taught me to over come my fear of it, and now I just really like it. Yes O.K. I suppose you have to put all that protection on my tail and legs. The humans do fuss . Off down the road to Christchurch we go. O.K. so this means I am off to Otahuna Horse Riding. Last time I came down here I had a great time with the ladies (I mean mares) and seeing the new trails. Cant wait to tell Cosmo about this.

Well I am meeting my rider, Elanor. Elanor has come all the way from Singapore for a week just to be with me. I gather I am special!! Kate and Abi are teaching Elanor how to talk my language, and she had better get it right. I am an old Grand Dad and I dont like to be insulted with pulling and pushing or I will just pull and push back. Ask me kindly and I give kindly. There she got it. Thank you Kate and Abi just what I needed. We should go now. Good the humans have got it. I just love that.

Off we go up the hill to see the views from on top. This is the best bit for me because I get to follow Peggy, and some of my other old friends like Patch and Angus. Hello everyone. You are looking well, especially you Peggy!!

We go out every day for seven days!! Boy I am getting pretty tired, but Elanor is just so cool. She is getting really good with me, and I am so pleased that Peggy is in the same group as me because I think I have a thing for her now. We even went Over the Top to Governors Bay and back, and stayed in our very own paddock by the sea. Smell that sea air. I was the best wee horse for Elanor. Just so pleased to be seeing new places and being so safe and reliable for her. I don't like worrying the children. They are relying on me to take them on these rides safely, and that I am good at. I am the best Grand Dad anyone could hope for.

At last Kate has the float out again. Good Bye Peggy and Elanor. I will see you again next time and please tell those riders in Singapore how to talk to the horses.

Here we are back in Mt Lyford. Cosmo!!! Have I got things to tell you!!